Well, as you know, my life has gone well. Got myself a new compy, named it Toby because the guy's a little beast. Hard drive has 2 terrabytes of storage. 

Translation: It has a lot of storage!

Then my boyfriend had to move in with his brother. Took some adjusting, but I visited him in his new surroundings and seems to be happy with himself. Got himself a bigger room, too. 

Mom also left for Michigan. Probems with family and such. Grandma Renee had 90% blockage in her corotid (sp) artery.

Translation: that is not a good thing!

Even worse, Mom wants to bring Grandma Renee at our house, so she can take care of her. 

Now, normally I would not be against this. However, I am not, and don't start flaming me because I don't want to take care of someone. Truth of the matter is Mom has permanent nerve damage in her back and cannot do any heavy lifting at all. She'll try to do chores within half-an-hour, she's already worn out even with heavy meds and therapy and sleeps almost all day every day. What makes this worse is that, even when I actually try to help, she doesn't let me help her, saying "she's the only one who knows how to do laundry or cook or wash dishes." 

In short: Bringing Grandma Renee here wold be a disaster in making.

Anyway, I'v