That one of my co-workers is a judgmental bitch.

Allow me to explain:

I bought something from the bookstore across the street where I work. It was a book entitled How To Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You. The title itself and the fact I'm a cat owner got me intrigued. 

So, I'm reading it while I'm on break. Now, while some of it is crude, I found myself laughing its contents. I even discovered about "love mauling," the thing that happens when you rub your cat's tummy, it becomes a deathtrap of teeth, claws and very unpleasant pain. More they do it, the more they love you kinda deal. 

I'm half-expecting my hand to covered in scratches tomorrow, but I digress.

I was showing a co-worker when she said, "Was written by some old mean cat lady or something?"

I said, "No, it was written by a guy."

Then, like someone who knows everything, she scoffs, "I bet he's forty and lives in his Mom's basement."

I couldn't believe the audacity of this bitch. She was judging the author of the book, yet she acted like she knew what type of person he would be. It disgusted me that she had no sense of humor and an "I know everything" attitude.

Stereotype much?

Ugh, I sometimes think that people like that deserved to be shot on sight.
As anybody who reads this, I rarely update anything.

I blame real life issues and procrastination, whichever comes first. So I've decided to put one of my OoTFP fanfiction on hold.

Why? Because I'll never get around to it, let alone fix it.

Turns out I have realized I'm better writing short stories and one-shots than stories that require multiple chapters, or novels.

-__-; Gah, I hate deleting a story.

Going to bed. Almost 1:30am here in the States.
So, due to my brother moving into his new place and my grandmother dying on Friday, (I'm much better today. I think all the crying has gone.) I moved into my brother's old bedroom and so far, I already like it. has a closet, more room for my stuff and I can wake up to the sounds of cardinals and blue jays outside my window. Very soothing.

so, here's the tour: 
What it looks like as you enter the room. Still needs cleaning up and is a little plain, but I'll spruce it up a bit. Finally found a place for my Tali print.
Hanging Tali was the very first thing I did when I moved into the room. It felt like putting this on the wall was my way of officially making it my room. Onto the book shelf!
The first shelf is where I keep all my Japanese manga and comic books, including all twelve volumes of Death Note, four volumes of Scott Pilgrim and my Lucky Star manga, with Derpy Hooves on the far left and Plush Kon on the far right.

Second shelf is where I keep the rest of my anime plushie dolls and my bottle of Crown with two glasses. Because sometimes I need a drink.

Third shelf is where I keep novels and books with words on them. You know, the ones no one reads anymore because everyone has Kindles and Nooks nowadays.

Nothing special on the fourth shelf. Just random stuff. 
The left side of the room with my TV and Xbox. A little messy, but I'll clean it up a bit. 

So there you have it, my new room. I love it a whole lot.