It's hard to type a blog when you're stuck in a box.

Luckily, i know how to do such things. Anyway, here's another life update.

Well, I never knew my brother was serious about getting married until last Saturday.

Allow me to explain:

Saturday was an adventurous day. Heather accomplished finding the right wedding dress. I also met the other bridesmaids in the wedding, Kelsey and Bailey, and the maid of honor herself, Christina...I think, I can't remember her name at the moment. XP

Anyway, I got fitted for my dress in the months to come. Unfortunately, I now know my measurements.

TT__TT *sob* I wish I hadn't looked at the paper.

That same day, I went to the house that the brat is renting for his bride-to-be and her six year old Haley. Needs cleaning, but place looks like new and within walking distance of where I'm currently living. 

Reminder, this is a house, not an apartment. A two-bedroom, one and a half bathroom house that's in a nice neighborhood, which is good for Haley. 

And I'm currently renting Lego Batman 2, the one with all the DC Super Heroes. Terren actually sprinted to my room and screamed out, "I WANT TO PLAY AS THE GREEN LANTERN!" when I told him I got the game in the mail. And then he played as Green Lantern and beat the crap out of Sinestro. 

Good times.

Now, off to play some SWTOR!

Ugh, so far, real life has been kicking my ass from Limbo to the ninth circle of Hell. Feels that way, weather wise. 

Anyway, I figured today I would update my blog. 

So, I've decided to take commissions, be it fanArt or Fanfiction, during the summer months to get some extra cash in my pocket (or debit card, should I get one.) and I don't go stale when I'm playing on the Xbox or on the PC.

Also, speaking of PCs, my brother and I are going to do a project together: building my own computer. He made his own about three years ago and now he wants to help me get my own PC. 

And finally, over the weekend, I will be going to David's Bridal with my future sister-in-law and trying on dresses. 

'Cause I'm a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding and all the bridesmaids have to wear pink dresses. Ugh, kill me now.

So, that's how life is treating me right now.

Now, go away. Gonna go play some Mass Effect.
I might have to make some changes, but still this is awesome. my own little website to post my fics and art stuff.

A big thanks to BushtuckaPenguin for making it, Thanks a bunch.